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Executive Coaching

Our coaching techniques accelerate and deliver high-performance and long-term value, to both the individual and their organisation, by empowering self-awareness. Our philosophy and ‘partnership approach’ to executive coaching is based on trust, respect, values and a growth mindset. Our coaching style is non-biased and non-judgemental. It seeks to empower individuals and companies to transform with passion and a clear vision to achieve future goals and ongoing success.

Our coaching inspires authenticity, encourages self-development & self-awareness by unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance. Our powerful combination of expertise and highly effective tools ensures we help deliver and create long-lasting impactful change, for leaders and executives who want to grow, lead more effectively and optimize their full potential and that of their teams.

Research suggests that when we see ourselves more clearly, we are more confident and more creative. The power of self-awareness can lead to more effective leadership with more satisfied teams and employees and more profitable companies.

GLO also offers Career & Business Coaching to support career transitions and to support businesses to reach their potential.

Leadership Development

GLO Consulting helps senior executives to deliver more confident and purposeful leadership, helping individuals to recognise and hone the core strengths necessary for their success and the success of their teams. We also coach and mentor emerging talent and driven individuals, helping them to focus their energies and achieve their goals.

GLO helps organizations and businesses to implement and develop bespoke leadership and talent programmes to optimize the potential of their teams. By focusing on an organisations values and culture we work with our clients to deliver out-performance, purposeful leadership and team alignment.

Purposeful leadership embodies effective communication, sound values and a strong sense of self-awareness. GLO designs and develops bespoke leadership and talent solutions which focus on improving communication, developing a deeper sense of self-awareness and to empower senior management teams to accelerate development and enhance performance.
We help to empower ‘future-focused’ thinking and enable effective leadership.


We help you to connect your leadership teams
with the vision & purpose of your Company.

Talent Management

GLO helps companies to identify and develop talent in individuals. We help our clients with succession planning to identify your future stars in leadership, by focusing on the development and retention of home-grown talent.

We encourage companies to embed a culture of succession planning to ensure they have a pipeline of future talent, to support the growth of your business.

We help develop a Talent Management structure to provide and maintain pathways for continued competency and skills and self-development. We help companies to providing the tools to develop self-awareness in leaders. Our practice involves the us of a range of psychometric tools such as the EQi 2.0, EQi-360, Talent Insights and DISC, to help our clients better understand their Behaviours, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, and their Values system.

Team Coaching & Facilitation

We believe in aligning Teams to the vision & purpose of your organisation.

GLO help teams to better understand the value each individual brings to the team, to achieve their shared goals. By focusing on trust and collaboration, we help develop dynamic, diverse and inclusive teams to drive increase effectiveness and out-performance and improve team alignment.

At GLO we believe that a Coaching culture across an organisation is more effective when embraced with a ‘top-down’ approach. Coaching helps organisations and teams to understand their ‘Culture, Vision & Purpose’ and fosters team alignment throughout a company and across organisations. We help people understand and overcome barriers to success, to identify opportunities to make a difference, and to think outside-of-the box in order to work toward a common goal.

Teamwork &

Working as a team to drive expectations and results.


We are often asked what the difference is between Mentoring and Coaching.

Mentoring is a long-term partnership based on mutual trust and respect while Coaching is typically carried out over a shorter period of time, with a more formal approach than mentoring. Mentoring offers pragmatic and objective guidance, support and insights typically based on experience. Effective mentoring is proven to enhance development, increase engagement and improve productivity.

We partner with ETC Mentoring to offer our clients a robust platform to develop and maintain an effective mentoring programme with minimial administration but effective results. GLO believes that impactful Company mentoring programmes are those which seek to encourage personal growth, career development and a sense of belonging in an organisation. The skills of mentoring are then learnt and passed on with a positive impact across an organisation.

GLO also supports cross company mentoring programmes such as Triple FS and the 30% Club.

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