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GLO Consulting was founded by Karen Wall. Karen's coaching and mentoring expertise combined with her industry knowledge, provides a unique insight into the organisational, operational and cultural challenges that international businesses face.

GLO's philosophy is to partner with our clients and to actively listen, to truly understanding our client’s needs. We observe, reflect, and customise solutions by drawing from our wide range of expertise, psychometric tools and coaching skills, to deliver effective Leadership and Talent Development solutions.

We believe that values, vision and organisational alignment are integral to success. Our programmes and consultations seek to inspire a culture of growth mindset and continuous learning. We inspire creativity with tools and techniques to motivate, drive positivity and build confidence. Our approach facilitates and accelerates impactful long-lasting change.

GLO delivers purposeful and values based Executive Coaching, Leadership and Talent Development initiatives to harness value, drive results and grow profitability. With over 25 years experience working with global organisations, GLO is uniquely positioned to provide Executive Coaching and Consultancy services to organisations and businesses.

We enable multicultural and cross-discipline team development to set ambitious objectives and unite in achieving them.

We are passionate about facilitating and influencing transformational change through developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence to create authentic and purposeful leadership. By partnering with organisations to build and foster a positive culture, aligning individual and organisational values, we empower accelerated performance and deliver long lasting impactful transformational change.

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GLO believes that life is a learning journey and when we learn, we

By engaging a Growth Mindset we see challenges as opportunities, failings as learnings and cultivate a greater sense of purpose. We encourage our clients to practice looking forward with vision, purpose and clarity. By applying a G.R.O.W. model, we help our clients to articulate and realise their goals.


“Lead from where you are” – leadership can be embraced and shown at all levels across a business or organization.

At Glo Consulting we know that people are not born leaders, they are promoted to leadership positions. As an individual rises through the ranks of an organisation, they must be supported to acquire the management skills necessary to succeed. Glo Consulting helps senior executives and management teams to develop their Leadership presence by developing programmes which create a deeper level of self-awareness, values and authenticity.


GLO helps leaders to create vision supported by shared goals and objectives, delivered by an optimized team.

By encouraging trust and aligning Teams to build a shared vision, and a shared sense of purpose which drives outperformance. By untapping innate abilities and energy, we optimize your Teams performance.

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